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Drink Local Florida℠ is a community and free source of information about the local craft brewery, winery and liquor distillery industry in the state of Florida. We provide extensive catalogs of all breweries, wineries and spirit distilleries in the Sunshine State including the key features of each (pet friendly, tours, food trucks, growlers, etc.). We currently have 350 breweries in our Florida Brewery Database (FBDb), along with 40 Florida wineries (FWDb) and 49 local craft spirit distillers (FDDb) in their respective catalogs. We most recently added a list of 19 cideries and meaderies in Florida. If we are missing anyone across any of these lists, please let us know!

At Drink Local Florida, we don’t rate craft beers, wines or spirits. Everyone has unique and specific tastes. Rather, our intent is to provide the information on what breweries and other locations offer, including what may be considered their specialties and expertise. Our goal is to inform you about the breweries and their events in your local area, as well as provide a source of information for when you travel anywhere else in the state and want to drink like the locals do there.

Let us share or Love for Local Beer. We live in day an age where you should never run out of different beers to try, and that is beautiful thing. That being said, too many choices can feel like overload, so we’ll tell you what the locals really drink and enjoy, and direct you more to what appeals to your tastes. No matter what you like to drink, if there is a brewery, cidery, winery or distillery in Florida making it, we want you to know about them.

Breweries featured in our catalog include information pages with content discussing what they’re most known for, flight suggestions, growlers, limited edition specialties and what may be offered through distribution. See examples of some of our brewery overview pages here and here.

The primary goal of Drink Local Florida is simply to share our love for local, craft beer, wine and spirits, to ensure a better drinking experience for all who live in and visit our wonderful state. While this website is focused on drinking locally in the state of Florida, we think it's great to Drink Local Beer wherever you are, whether that's where you live or when you are on vacation.

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While we think you should Drink Local, you should always Drink Responsibly.

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