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Drink Local Florida is a community and free source of information about the local craft brewery, winery and liquor distillery industry in the Sunshine State. We report on news and events for all things  fermented in Florida. We have the information you want to know on every brewery, winery and distillery in the state before you visit.

Drink Local Florida

Florida Brewery Database

The Florida Brewery Database (FBDb) is your source for locating and learning about the hundreds of craft brewing operations in the Sunshine State. There are currently 350 different breweries listed in the FBDb. We also provide a Florida Winery Database (FWDb) with 40 Florida wineries, and the the Florida Distillery Database (FDDb) listing 48 Florida craft distilleries.

Florida Brewery Database

Drink Local Florida Blog

It's your local brews news. Stay up-to-date on the local events and releases of seasonal and specialty brews. The Drink Local Florida Blog includes news, reports and announcements regarding the craft beer, winery and distillery industry in the state of Florida.

FL Beer Blog

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