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Motorworks changes name of their flagship IPA

Likely after receiving a cease and desist letter, Motorworks takes a jab at the brand or company who claimed infringement. Previously known as their Indy IPA, Motorworks devised a new acronym for their well-known, 6.9 percent ABV India Pale Ale style beer: the Intellectual Property Ale.

Motorworks opened in 2014 as Bradenton's first brewery with an auto/racing theme fit for the historic brick building which was once a car dealership. Motorworks Brewery has often continued this theme with the names of their beers and has carried staples such as their Roll Cage Red Ale, V-Twin Lager, and their flagship beer, formerly known as the Indy IPA, since inception. While you could grab any of these beers at a local bar or restaurant in Manatee and Sarasota counties, the IPA was available in cans at grocery stores up through Pinellas county, Tampa and beyond.

Motorworks Indy IPA Original Can Design

I happened to pick up a six pack of the Motorworks IPA and noticed something different about the can. It was a Motorworks can with green trim, it had to be their IPA, but was called something else. Wrapped in a new label as means to rename the beer that had already been canned for distribution, I was holding the "new" Motorworks Intellectual Property Ale. For those of you who have only had this IPA on draught, the image to the left shows what the Indy IPA cans used to look like.

Motoworks hasn't commented on the name change publicly, but considering what they changed the name to, it's clear the decision to rename what is likely their most well-known beer was coerced. Cleverly adapting the acronym for India Pale Ale, Motorworks now calls their flagship IPA the Intellectual Property Ale. The label includes multiple statements which seem to be in reference to a legal argument between Motorworks and an unnamed party claiming infringement. The back of the can includes legal terms such as "expunged," "redacted," and "cease and desist," likely referencing a letter the Bradenton brewery received from the claimant. The other side reads "Re: Infringement Use of [REDACTED]'s Intellectual Property." Here's what the new label looks like:

Intellectual Property Ale New Label

Based on the re-labeling of canned beers for distribution, it seems safe to say Motorworks has moved on from the Indy IPA name, and clues on the new label tell me Intellectual Property Ales is the name they plan to keep.

The newly named IPA both gave me a laugh and also informed me of the situation, which only reaffirms my ongoing purchase and enjoyment of this beer. The Motorworks Intellectual Property Ale is a jab at the organization claiming infringement of their intellectual property, but it was a conscious decision to leave that party unnamed. Within the large cease and desist rectangle on the back of the label is the word "Sincerely," reiterating that they are serious in no longer using the old name, despite having a little fun with the new moniker.

Something tells me this new name will stick, and it will be interesting to see if Motorworks makes any changes or removes certain phrases from the replacement label design before canning and distributing the next batch of their flagship IPA.

Posted: August 26, 2017

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