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Holiday Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Drinkers and HomeBrewers

Need some last minute holiday gifts? Here are some ideas for the craft beer drinkers and homebrewers you may know. Or maybe you want to get some of these for your self. These gift ideas range from fairly obvious to things most would never consider or think of. Here's the list:

Gift Cards or Mug Club Memberships to a Florida Brewery
Support your local breweries and buy a gift card directly from them. It's more thoughtful than a generic Amazon gift card and will fund a fun day or night out. You might even get lucky enough for the recipient to treat you to a beer on the gift card!

A related idea, buy your friend or loved one a mug club membership if a nearby brewery offers them. 3 Keys Brewery in Bradenton, where I am a mug club member, is offering a year-end special when you pay for a year upfront (it's normally charged monthly). There are many breweries across Tampa Bay, South Florida, Central and North Florida that have mug club or other membership programs.

Unusual but functional: Baby Bottle Brushes (for cleaning specialty beer glasses)
Bottle Cleaning Brushes I would've never thought of this before I became a parent, but hear me out, it's a great idea. Baby bottle brushes get deep into large glasses and reach the bottoms and side far better than you can do with your hand and a sponge. I don't like to put my specialty craft beer glassware in the dishwasher, so this is a gift idea (or item to by for yourself) I can personally recommend. Having clean glassware is important, and some of those specialty glasses are not possible to fully clean without one of these brushes.

I've included Amazon links below, but these are readily available at Target and Walmart as well.

A Must Have: Craft Beer Glassware Set
Proper Glassware for Craft Beer If you follow our Instagram, then you likely already know we like to use proper glassware. The right glass matched with the right style of beer brings out the best in each craft brew. This set, which I personally own and use regularly, covers a lot of bases. IPAs, Stouts, Hefeweizens, Kolsch, Lagers, and more are all covered. Even if you or the person you are buying for as one or some of these glasses, they likely don't have them all, and when you are drinking with a friend it's nice to give them proper glassware as well. Considering getting two sets of these.

Florida Focused Gift Idea #1: Florida Bottle Cap Map
Florida Bottle Cap Map Craft beer drinkers like to try different craft beers from all over the state and country. Whether visiting the brewery or finding new beers at the bottle shop, any bottled beer is going to come with a cap, and many of these caps are branded by the brewery. This map provides a way to show off a collection of beers tried across various breweries, and the caps can be placed in areas near the geographic location of each brewery. Another related idea is a shadow box for someone to keep their brewery coasters and other mementos from breweries visited.

Florida Focused Gift Idea #2: Florida Sports Themed Wall Mount Bottle Cap Openers
Bottle Opener Florida College Sports Team This is a must have for anyone with a beer fridge in the garage, man cave or she shed. These openers are convenient when mounted right by that beer fridge and the bottle cap catcher at the bottom is a big plus as well.

College sports themed versions are featured here, but there are many options out there worth exploring.

Gift Idea for Homebrewers #1: Oxygen Absorbing Bottle Caps
Oxygen Absorbing Bottle Caps for Homebrewers Homebrewers typically either bottle condition or keg condition their homebrews. For bottle conditioning, a high quality, oxygen absorbing cap is essential. This set features 315  crowns (bottle caps) and the assorted colors is a bonus as it allows brewers to use different colors to represent different beer styles. Homebrewers typically don't use labels, so this color coding is really quite helpful.

Gift Idea for Homebrewers #2: Glass Bottle Drying Rack
Beer Bottle Drying Rack Anyone who homebrews knows how important it is to be sure everything is sterilized and squeaky clean. This means lots of cleaning and sanitizing everything from tanks to the bottles used for conditioning. Even after cleaning glass bottles, if not dried properly, a moldy musk can stay in the bottle tainting the homebrewed batch in it's final stages. Glass bottle drying racks both serve as both bottle storage and support the optimal bottle drying process.

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Posted: December 17, 2021