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LauderAle Adds New Imperial and American IPAs to their Can Lineup, Available in 4-pack Pints at their brewery

LauderAle Brewery started canning and selling 4 pack pints at their brewery and tap room. This started with two beers earlier this year, and two more were recently added to their take-home list: the Double D Imperial (Double) IPA and Indigenous Basterd American-style IPA. Both would make great stocking stuffers, here's more about each beer below:

LauderAle Double D Imperial IPA

Double D Imperial IPA

Self-described as their most hop-forward beer, this both grabbed my attention and upped my expectations - but the beer absolutely lived up to the hype. Four different types of hops are fit into this hazy juice bomb, each bringing different notes and added complexity. The beer has a medium to strong bitterness but it comes through late then lingers. A juicy mild sweetness comes through first with citrus and tropical notes, but followed up with floral notes. Then that delayed bitterness hits like a gentle nudge to say "Hey, don't forget this is an Imperial."

This beer really is layered and complex. It has a bit of creaminess to it, and is so thick and hazy that it's reminiscent of pineapple juice in a glass. If you’re a Hop Head you need to double down on at least two of these. If you are familiar with the Alpha Abstraction DIPA series from a Georgia brewery named Wild Leap, this beer is right on par with these - and those are some killer beers getting national recognition.

It brings the juicy, hazy goodness that has you forgetting it’s an imperial or double IPA for a bit, but finishes with a crisp bitterness that underscores the complexities and elements of balance/contrast.

TL;DR - This beer in three words: Hazy, Juicy, Complex.

LauderAle Indigenous Pale Ale

Indigenous Basterd

This beer is maltier than your typical IPA and also more amber in color. I love fusion - when it comes to beer, food or music - and this beer brings fusion and balance. The malt is balanced with a hoppy bitterness. The hop profile is balanced between Citra and Amarillo hops. It starts malty, finishes a little bitter, but the bitterness is cut by grapefruit citrus notes. This beer paired extremely well with some pretzels and aged white cheddar.

This is one of LauderAle’s most popular beers and, frankly, I am surprised it wasn’t one of the first two canned earlier this year. To some degree, this beer reminds me of one of those first two: the dry-hopped Monkey Road Red. That beer was a little more amber, but similar in color. Both beers bring a balanced fusion of hops and malt, but Indigenous Baster is a tad hoppier (38 vs 35 IBUs). In an era where IPAs are dominated by hops, it’s refreshing to see this malt character.

TL;DR - This beer in three words: Malty, Hoppy, Grapefruit.

If you've never been to LauderAle, check them out. Their taproom and brewery is pet friendly, you can take a tour, grab growlers to-go as well as four awesome canned beers. If you are coming from or going to the Ft. Lauderdale airport, show a copy of your boarding pass to get a discount.

Posted: December 19, 2019