Distribution & Production Only  Breweries

There are nine (9) breweries in Florida that do not have a taproom but are still operating breweries. This includes distribution (distro) breweries that are available regionally or state-wide at retail locations, as well as production only breweries that create their own recipes, participate in local brewfests or similar events, but do not have a taproom.

Distro breweries produce at scale, often at a contract brewing facility such as Brew Hub in Lakeland. They have a large distributor who gets them on the shelves at places like Publix and Total Wine. Production-only breweries, sometimes also referred to as gypsy breweries, often rent space in small barrel (5 Bbl) systems that are part of a larger, local brewery. They do not produce enough volume for a distribution deal, and are more likely refining their recipes and getting exposure while they plan a taproom and brewery of their own.

We previously listed distribution and production only breweries on the county and regional pages in which they were headquartered, but this was misleading and created confusion among DrinkLocalFlorida.com website users, as their is no physical brewery to taproom for patrons to visit. We now list all distro- and production-only breweries here on one page, and continue to list them on the page listing all Florida Breweries, but have removed listings on county and regional list pages.

Distribution & Production Only Breweries

Brewery City Features More Info
Alcatraz Brewing Lakeland Distribution  
Black Pit Brewing Co. Miami Production  
Inlet Brewing Jupiter Distribution  
JDub's Brewing Co. Sarasota Distribution  
Old Deck Beer Co. Miami Distribution  
Secret Llama (subsidiary of World of Beer) Lakeland Distribution  
Shojo Beer Co. Miami Production  
SOF Brewing Company Jasper Distribution  
Twin Flames Brewing Miami Production  
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