Lee County Breweries

There are thirteen (13) breweries in Lee county, most of any county in the South West Florida region. Seven (7) of these breweries are located in Ft. Myers with three in Cape Coral and three in Bonita Springs.

Planning your visit. Whether or not the following icons are present, you will know whether a given brewery:

| | Offers Brewery Tours  | | Sells Growlers To-Go  | | Has Beer Garden or Outside Seating  | | is Pet Friendly  | | Sells Pint Glasses  | | Sells Apparel and More  | | Has Restaurant On-site  | | Hosts Food Trucks  | | Allows Outside Food and Delivery

Note: An asterisk (*) denotes that the brewery has multiple locations. Riptide Brewing in a Bonita Springs (formerly home to Momentum Brewhouse) is a secondary location. Riptide's primary location is in Naples Florida. Riptide Brewing counts towards the total number of breweries in Lee county, but on the Southwest Florida regional and state brewery lists, Riptide's two locations count as one brewery towards the total number. Big Storm Brewing in Cape Coral is secondary location and is the only location relevant to this county and the regional list.

Lee County Breweries

Brewery City Features More Info
Big Storm Brewing * Cape Coral
Ceremony Brewing Bonita Springs
Coastal Dayz Brewery Fort Myers              
Crazy Dingo Brewing Fort Myers

Eight Foot Brewing Cape Coral    
Fort Myers Brewing Co. Fort Myers          
Brewery Name City Features More Info
Hopsized Brewing Bonita Springs
Millennial Brewing Co. Fort Myers          
Palm City Brewing Co. Fort Myers        
Point Ybel Brewing Co. Fort Myers      
Riptide Brewing Company* Bonita Springs

Scotty's Bierwerks Cape Coral
(The)Tubby Pig Brewpub Fort Myers

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