Leon County Breweries

There are seven (7) breweries in Leon county, all located in Tallahassee. Find out more about each local craft brewery below. Fools Fire is the in-house brew for local craft beer bar, the Fermentation Lounge. Proof has a taproom and restaurant on FSU campus (both locations counted as one brewery toward the total). Ology Brewing has three Tallahassee brewery and taproom locations (Midtown, Power Mill and Northside) which count as one towards the tally in Tally.

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Leon County Breweries

Brewery City Features More Info
Amicus Brewing Ventures Tallahassee COMING SOON
Deep Brewing Co. Tallahassee
Fools Fire Brewing Co. (at Fermentation Lounge) Tallahassee
Lake Tribe Brewing Tallahassee            
Brewery Name City Features More Info
Ology Brewing* Tallahassee (3 locations)
Oyster City Brewing* Tallahassee
Proof Brewing Co. Tallahassee        
Proof at FSU* Tallahassee, On-Campus
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Note:  Oyster City Brewing* is a second location, with the original location in Apalachicola. This counts as a Leon county brewery, but is not double counted on the regional or state lists. Ology Brewing* has four locations (three in Tallahassee and one in Tampa), but these three locations are tallied as one brewery in Tally, as well as on the state and regional lists. Proof Brewing has two locations, both in Tallahassee, which are counted as one brewery towards this county list (as well as on the Panhandle region and statewide lists).