Miami-Dade County Distilleries

Miami-Dade county is home to four (4) local distilleries. Each of the craft spirit-makers in Dade county are located in Miami, making Rum, Vodka and Whiskey.

Planning your visit. Whether or not the following icons are present under Features, you will know whether a given distillery offers:
| | Distillery Tours  | | Spirit Samples or Tastings  |  | Bottle Sales On-Site | | Distribution (available in stores)  
| | Retail Merchandise  | | Spirits made from FL ingredients (Sugar cane, Rye, Oranges)  | | Pet Friendly

What types of spirits do they distill?  |R| Rum, |V| Vodka, |W| Whiskey (Bourbon or Rye), |M| Moonshine Whiskey, |G| Gin, |T| Tequila

Distillers in Miami-Dade County

Distillery Name City Features Spirits More Info
Alchemist Distilleries Miami   W
Balt Vodka Miami     V
Big Cypress Distillery Miami     W, G, R
Miami Club Rum Miami     R

Please check the distillery's website or consider calling before your visit. Here's why: Tours may be at set times or by appointment only. Tastings may or may not be free and may require advanced scheduling for groups; Depending on the distillery, they may or may not sell bottles on premises and there is a limit to the number of bottles you can purchase per year.