Monroe County Distilleries

Two of the four distilleries in Monroe county are towards the very south end of the county, and the very south end of the state. Even the southern most point of the continental United States. We're talking about Mile 0. Located in Key West, these two rum-makers distribute their spirits and one offers tours. Be sure to stop at the craft distilleries in Islamorada and Stock Island (one island north of the Key West) on your way down US 1.

Planning your visit. Whether or not the following icons are present under Features, you will know whether a given distillery offers:
| | Distillery Tours  | | Spirit Samples or Tastings  |  | Bottle Sales On-Site | | Distribution (available in stores)  
| | Retail Merchandise  | | Spirits made from FL ingredients (Sugar cane, Rye, Oranges)  | | Pet Friendly

What types of spirits do they distill?  |R| Rum, |V| Vodka, |W| Whiskey (Bourbon or Rye), |M| Moonshine Whiskey, |G| Gin, |T| Tequila

Distillers in monroe County

Distillery Name City Features Spirits More Info
Islamorada Distilling Islamorada       R, G, V
Key West Distilling Key West / Stock Island
R, G, V
Key West First Legal Rum Distillery Key West     R
Papa's Pilar Rum Key West     R

Please check the distillery's website or consider calling before your visit. Here's why: Tours may be at set times or by appointment only. Tastings may or may not be free and may require advanced scheduling for groups; Depending on the distillery, they may or may not sell bottles on premises and there is a limit to the number of bottles you can purchase per year.